Versatility and quality make us an industry leading hydraulic cylinder MANUFACTURER in Northern Ireland & the UK

Our automated cylinder manufacturing systems let us offer consistently high-quality products at increased production rates. We monitor each step of the process to ensure quality while re-evaluating our efficiency at every stage.

Quality standard ISO 9001:2008 Accredited

Precision measuring equipment is calibrated to meet strict Quality Requirements

Processes and Quality is maintained through continual auditing

We continue to work to the ethos of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement

Customers are assigned an Account Manager and additional technical support

Our dedicated technical and engineering team ensures On Time Delivery


Material for the manufacture of tube and rod is specified for each cylinder at design stage and is stored in a purpose built factory which allows the high volume storage of a wide range of raw material. 

FIFO systems are adhered to with regards to all raw material and component storage. Our fully programmable saws ensure most cost-effective usage of material to reduce waste.


We have dedicated cells of CNC lathes and milling machines for the complete manufacture of tube, rod and components for welding and assembly. In-cycle measuring using go/no-go gauges and high precision measuring equipment is carried out to ensure consistent quality. At this stage, all cylinders are marked with part number and date of manufacture for complete traceability.

Our dedicated component sub-cell is directly linked to our store, allowing us complete control over quality and price.


Welding is one of the most critical processes within the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders, and we are continually investing in equipment and people to ensure the highest quality of weld. 

At Northern Hydraulics, we currently have 2 fully-automated Robotic welding cells which allow consistent quality and efficient manufacture of high-volume cylinders, 2 highly skilled manual welding cells which are dedicated to 1st-off prototyping and more complex cylinders, as well as 2 semi-automated weld cells for the welding of cylinder ports.

We are currently working towards gaining certification to EN-ISO3834-2 in 2016.


Northern Hydraulics have invested in skiving equipment to offer customers the option of a superior surface finish of their tube assemblies and to ensure any weld distortions are removed. 

This standard of finish is critical for customers in high demand applications.


Our assembly process focuses on cleanliness and quality, while 100% of our cylinders are hydraulically tested for pressures up to 310bar in compliance with Hydraulic Cleanliness Standard ISO 4406. 

As part of our Continuous Improvement Ethos, we are committed to increasing Contamination Control in 2016 through the introduction of an automated, high pressure wash facility. This process will be carried out prior to final assembly and will be verified through regular sampling of oil and gravimetric testing. 


The painting and finishing process is a critical part of the manufacturing process. Our semi-automatic conveyorised painting facility allows us to achieve uniform painting of all conveyors.

We have recently installed a state of the art Electrostatic and 2K Colour Change System which offers the highest quality and maximum efficiency from a priming and finishing process.

We can supply cylinders painted to each customer’s unique specifications. All cylinders painted as standard using One-Pack Pigmented Etching Primer followed by Two-Pack Polyurethane High Solid Finish Paint to ensure high quality and durable finish to protect cylinders in any application. Other options are available as per customer requirements.


Every cylinder manufactured undergoes a detailed final inspection checklist, before being packed for dispatch. 

Cylinders are packed and stored via our own ‘V’-block packing system to provide maximum protection to ensure cylinders are delivered to customers in the highest quality.
Discover how our cutting-edge manufacturing system can be put to work for you throughout the UK. Call our experts based in Northern Ireland on +44 (0) 28 8774 7444 today!
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